Game Payment works with both analogue and digital games machines: we can provide a hardware solution for both types and a software-based solution for digital machines. All of the communication takes place via encrypted dialogue through the player’s phone. Machines do not need to be internet enabled to work with Game Payment.

Our SLU (secure Linux unit) is a secure hardware solution, which is installed onto the machine as a peripheral.  We supply a dedicated engineer’s app, which helps to keep the installation time down to only a few minutes.

Game Pro

Our Secure Software Unit is normally manufacturer-installed onto your digital machines and can be enabled and updated remotely.

Whichever solution you deploy, the player experience is the same; players sign up and sign into the app. They press ‘Play’ and the three closest GP-enabled machines to them are displayed. The player then presses ‘Connect’ and adds credit to their chosen machine. All communications between the gaming machine and the GPT web-services are carried as encrypted messages using the player’s mobile phone and widely-used technology from the payments industry, to ensure the security of all transactions.

Game Payment was successfully rolled out to 9 operators and more than 80 venues before the start of lockdown. We expect to be rolling out to a lot more venues from May 2021.

Contact us at to discuss your machines and the best options to GP-enable them. Or if you know what solution you need, you can use our online order form here.