How Game Payment works

1. Install the app

2. Register, then verify your age if you want to play age-restricted machines

3. Top up your Game Payment wallet

4. Connect to a machine and load money onto it

5. If you’re playing a gaming machine, collect your money back to your wallet

6. Withdraw your money back to your debit card

Game Payment app

Is my money safe?

Game Payment employs encryption technology, used worldwide by the payments industry, to guarantee security. Your money will be held in a secure e-wallet until you want to use it to play on a gaming machine. The transfer of funds is also protected by encryption.
Payment has been developed by Game Payment Technology – a UK company, set up as a joint venture between bacta, the majority owner, and Polar Moment Ltd. Find out more
Bacta is the trade association for the amusement and gaming machine industry within the UK. Trusted by the government and by the industry, you can find out more about bacta here.
Polar Moment are specialists in card payments. They have built some of the most important payment card processing systems in the UK – as well as the software that creates live subtitles for the BBC and many other television channels around the world. Read more here

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Need support?

Problems installing the app? Need help on how to connect to an enabled machine? Read our FAQs, or contact us now.