Game Payment

Game Payment

The leading, secure cashless payment app for gaming; designed for the industry, by the industry.

Game Payment removes the need for players to take cash out of the ATM before they play on an amusement or gaming machine.

Game Payment is easy to use, allowing players to pay securely with a debit card.

You can then transfer credit onto a Game Payment-enabled machine and collect credit and winnings in the same way.

Funds are held safely in a digital wallet in a secure, cloud environment and never on the phone.

Processing of payments is performed by an authorised, PCI-compliant operator; Game Payment Technology never has access to payment card details.

Credit is transferred to and from the amusement and gaming machines using similar encryption techniques and security mechanisms to those used by payment card terminals throughout the world.

Game Pro fruit machine

Players cash out to the same debit card that they used for payment.

The app includes the ability to set limits and to self-exclude. More details can be found here.