Game Payment Technology Demonstrates Cashless Payment with Sega Amusements

GPT and Sega Amusements International Ltd. have collaborated to successfully demonstrate cashless payment to play one of Sega’s arcade machines.

James Miller, bacta president, commented “GPT was set up by bacta to develop a cashless payment app as a simple cost-effective solution for the whole amusement machine industry. Now, with the technical support from Sega, we are able to provide just that: a simple-to-fit, secure, low-cost, cashless payment option for all kinds of amusement equipment including videos, redemption, pinball etc. This will be a massive benefit for all operators.”

Justin Burke, Sega’s General Manager – Sales, commented “After being requested by bacta to assist Game Payment Technology on a technical front, with the integration of their system and amusement games, we were only too happy to help. To be a part of such an important step for the whole industry is an honour. Once live in the marketplace, I am sure this will be a massive benefit to all concerned. Seeing the app in action brought it home just how convenient it is for the player and equally how easy it is for any operator to use. Going forward, I can quiet easily see Sega, and other manufacturers, installing the hardware at production stage to support this technology.”

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